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Classroom Policies 

If you have any questions about classes, please contact Jeanette via email at, or via phone at 847-738-8799

Any students who may be experiencing flu like symptoms or who are not comfortable in a public setting should not attend our in store classes. 

Thank you for selecting one of our classes. We look forward to working with you and sharing the joy of learning new skills. Note the following policies about our classes:

  • Please be sure we have a valid email address when registering and check your email regularly for updates.
  • If you are unable to attend a class for which you are registered, please contact us at least 48 hours prior to the start of class.  Refunds will not be given within 48 hours of the class start time.
  •  After you have registered for a class, if we cancel or reschedule you are entitled to a full refund of the class fee. We will do our best to notify you of cancellation or delays.   
  • When the minimum number of students for a class is not met the class may be canceled.  We will contact you if this occurs. 
  •  Please help support our shop by purchasing supplies with us. It is important to begin with appropriate materials and we make every effort to carry the specific items requested by your instructor. We depend on those purchases to keep our classroom open.  
  •  Do not bring guests or children to class unless they are attending as a paid student. 
  •  As a courtesy to your fellow classmates and our staff do not wear cologne or scented lotions when in our shop. Many people are very allergic to these scents.
  •  Always silence your cell phone while in class.  If you must take a call, please step out of the classroom so as not to disrupt the flow.
Mosaic Star
- Oct 02, 2023 10:00 am

Learn how to make the blocks for this traditionally pieced quilt with a modern feel. This will be a technique class where you will learn how to use the Studio 180 Tools "Tucker Trimmer", Wing Clipper", and the "V Block Trimmer". Purchase of the quilt pattern is required for the class. The Studio 180 tools will be available for use in the class, and purchase is optional.

Cost: $ 52.00
Kid's Beginner Sewing Class
- Oct 23, 2023 03:00 pm

Learn the basics of using a sewing machine, cutting fabrics, and following pattern instructions to make a quick and easy lined tote bag. Proper pressing will also be discussed. These foundational skills are the beginning steps to a lifetime of successful sewing projects. This is a great opportunity for home schoolers looking for a sewing class for their child.

Cost: $ 40.00